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Used radiators for earth-moving and handling machines

The different radiators are important parts of Liebherr excavators, handling machines, shovels and earth-moving machines. Our webshop offers, among other things, the complete combi cooler, but we also sell separate air conditioning, diesel coolers, intercoolers, oil coolers and water coolers for your machine.

Liebherr excavator leakage cooler

Over time, radiators may start leaking. This occurs when your machine has to work a lot of hours. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the radiator can extend its service life, but ultimately these parts must also be replaced.

Radiators in stock

We have radiator parts for all types of machines in stock. We also supply complete cooler installations.

Benefits of used parts

A used radiator can generally be bought for a third of the new price. That's a nice advantage right there. And there's no need to compromise on quality!

Because every radiator is thoroughly checked before we put it up for sale. We test for leaks by pressurising the system. The pressure should not be dropping over time. We only put parts up for sale that have passed this test.

All parts are delivered squeaky clean at the time of sale. So whatever you order, we ensure that you get the very best quality.

Why Grovema?

  • Worlds largest stock of used Liebherr parts
  • Ordered before 14:00, shipped the same day
  • Up to 12 months warranty on Liebherr parts
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