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Used Liebherr Cylinder


Used Liebherr cylinder

Are you looking for a Liebherr cylinder? At Grovema, you will find every cylinder you need. We have cylinders in stock for almost every type of Liebherr excavator, handling machine, bulldozer, earth-moving machine and shovel.

Replacing a damaged cylinder

Is the cylinder of your Liebherr damaged? Common types of damage are leakage, chrome damage and chips on the rod or damage to the tube. A damaged cylinder can easily and cheaply be replaced with a used cylinder.

Did you know that we also repair cylinders? On request, we can repackage or chrome-plate damaged cylinders.

For earth-moving machines and handling machines like the Liebherr A934c, it is usually the articulated cylinder that wears quickly. In both cases, it is important to replace the cylinder in time to keep the machine working properly.

Delivery of cylinders

Many cylinders are directly available from stock. If you order on a business day, we will usually ship the part within 24 hours.

Advantages of used cylinders

Every cylinder you buy has been assessed for quality in advance. In this way you are assured of a properly functioning part. We often sell used cylinders for a third of the new price. This makes buying them even more attractive!

Why Grovema?

  • Worlds largest stock of used Liebherr parts
  • Ordered before 14:00, shipped the same day
  • Up to 12 months warranty on Liebherr parts
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