Privacy and cookies statement

When you visit our website and, for example, make a contact request, we collect various data from you. On this page we explain why we collect this information and what we do with it. Grovema treats your data confidentially and respects your privacy. You can always contact us if you have any questions. This Privacy Statement applies to all visitors of the www.grovema.com website.

1. Data

1a. Grovema ensures proper protection of the stored data.

1b. Grovema may use the stored data for a number of purposes, such as sending emails, contacting by telephone with regard to a request or drawing attention to interesting information, which Grovema believes may contribute to a better website. We only do this if you have given us explicit permission to do so.

1c. You always have the possibility to request that your data be corrected or deleted.

2. Cookies

2a. Grovema uses cookies to make different pages function as well as possible. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, smartphone or tablet during your visit to a website and in which information is stored, such as certain preferences. This enables Grovema to be of even better service to you the next time you visit the website.

2b. As a visitor, you can decide how cookies are handled. The browser can be set to allow or disallow cookies or only partially. If cookies are partially allowed, the visitor can set which websites may place cookies.

2c. Cookies can be deleted from a computer in all cases.

First-party cookies
First-party cookies are cookies that you get from the domain you are visiting. When viewing this page, Grovema's cookies are first-party cookies, in other words.

3. What are cookies used for by Grovema?

3a. Grovema uses cookies to retrieve information from previous visits, such as remembering certain settings you have made. This type of cookies, which adapt the functioning of the website to your wishes, are called functional cookies.

3b. Grovema also uses cookies to let the website know that you have visited the website before. In this way, statistical data about the use of the website can be collected in Google Analytics. We only work with anonymous statistical information that helps us to improve the functioning of the website.

3c. Grovema will never share the data obtained by first-party cookies with third parties. This data is only used to improve the quality of Grovema.

4. Which cookies does Grovema use?

4a. Tracking cookies
Grovema places tracking cookies on your device so that we can recognise your computer when you visit our website again. These tracking cookies consist of two types: permanent cookies and session cookies. Permanent cookies enable Grovema to recognise your device when you visit our website again later. With session cookies, we can see which parts of our website have been viewed.

4b. Analytics
Google places cookies via our website. We use these cookies to gain insight into the use of our website so that we can optimise it.

4c. Social media buttons
Our website has buttons to promote certain web pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These buttons contain pieces of code that originate from these social networks themselves. The cookies are placed by means of these codes. We have no influence on this.

5. Deleting cookies

Please see below for how to delete cookies.

5a. Internet Explorer

From Menu, go to Tools and then to Internet Options–General tab. Under Browsing History, click 'Delete'. Indicate exactly what you want to delete. Make sure 'Cookies' is checked and click 'Delete'.

5b. Firefox

Click Menu, Tools, Options, and then the Privacy tab. Then click on 'Clear your recent history'. Under 'Details', indicate exactly what you want to delete. Please tick Cookies in any case. You can also specify the date from which cookies should be deleted.

5c. Chrome

Click on the three dashes in the upper right corner. Next, click Options and then the Advanced Options tab. Under Privacy, click Clear Browsing Data. Make sure that the option All cookies and site data is checked. You can also specify the date from which cookies should be deleted. Choose Remove All here.

5d. Safari

In the menu on the left, click Safari and click Clear History. A new window appears. Clear the history of a certain period. Click on the desired period, for example all history. Finally, click Clear History.

6. Provision to third parties

Grovema will only provide information to third parties with your prior consent or when we are obliged to do so on the grounds of legislation and regulations.

7. Disclaimer

Grovema has compiled the information displayed on this website with care, but cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The information provided on this website may be changed at any time without notice.

Grovema accepts no liability whatsoever for the uninterrupted functioning of this website. No rights can be derived from the calculations made with the help of data provided by the user.

Although Grovema makes every effort to prevent abuse, Grovema is not liable for information and/or messages sent by users of the website via the Internet.

References to sites that are not maintained by Grovema are provided for visitors' information only. Although Grovema is extremely careful with regard to the sites referred to, it cannot guarantee the content, up-to-dateness, completeness, quality and functioning thereof. Any liability with regard to websites that are not maintained by Grovema is rejected.

We, respectively the right holder, retain all rights with regard to the information presented on this site, including but not limited to texts, logos, trademarks, graphic material.

Users of this site are not permitted to pass on, reproduce or distribute information without the express written permission of Grovema.

By accessing this site and using the information contained therein, you agree to the terms and conditions and restrictions described above.

8. Contact

For questions or comments about this privacy statement, please contact Grovema at info@grovema.com or by telephone at +31 (0)318 620125